Common Area Carpet Maintenance Program

Carpet is a big investment we believe it’s much better and less costly to restore it! If you’ve ever had to pay to get it replaced, you’ll know how expensive it can be with no guarantee how long it will last. That’s why carpet care and maintenance is so important. Without proper carpet cleaning maintenance, the lifespan of your carpet, can be dramatically reduced. We shouldn’t be surprised by this; cars that aren’t properly maintained are poor in performers, and carpets that do not receive good carpet maintenance also do not perform well or look good.

That’s why you should set up a carpet maintenance program with One Way so you do not ever need to worry about your curb appeal or lifespan again, such a big investment is worth it. Regular cleanings increase the lifespan of your carpet and help it maintain its value, something especially important when you want your community to show well to your residents. Of course, all carpets benefit from being in a One Way carpet maintenance program and everyone likes savings by not having to get those carpet replaced.