One Way Services

One Way Property Restoration (One Way) offers full service carpet cleaning and restoration services - your one-stop shop for all your carpet solutions.

We are more than just your carpet cleaner. When you order a One Way truck to service your community it comes loaded with all the skills, proprietary products and tons of our specialized services. Our people are always striving to provide a great experience, all with a smile. We get your homes clean fresh and rent-ready quickly!

We completely re-store the toughest of severely damaged carpets. We love saving our customers thousands of dollars in carpet replacement costs!

Order today and get our proprietary green products with our clean rinse on every job!!! We do the extras so your carpets are healthier fresher and stay cleaner longer.

With Our 24-hour emergency service we are always ready when you need us! After-hours, weekends, even holidays, we are always standing by ready!

Carpet Cleaning

High powered Truck mounted hot water extraction technology and proprietary green cleaning solutions!

Stain Removal

Red, rust, pet, tar/grease, paint, wax protein, ink, burns, and much more - we love that we can get them out for you!

Water Damage Extraction

One Way has the tools and experience to quickly remove all water and dry the entire structure.

Color Restore

High traffic areas, tough stains, bleach and even sun faded carpets can be restored with our system!

Total Odor Control

Your Community can look absolutely amazing, but if it smells bad, getting residents can be a challenge.

Carpet Repairs

Ripples in the carpet? We can stretch them. Holes/worn fibers, poor seams, transition strip required?

Hard Surface Cleaning

Our hard surface cleaning formulas are specially designed to aggressively yet safely loosen dirt.

Pressure Washing

There are serious threats to the building facade and curb appeal all posed by unsightly grime.

Air Duct/Vent Cleaning

Our duct cleaning system thoroughly cleans air ducts by removing debris and dirt hidden in the H-VAC system.

Common Area Carpet Maintenance Program

Carpet is a big investment which is why we believe it’s much better and less costly to restore it!